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 - WCW World Championship Wrestling (1990, NES): with Ric Flair, Lex Luger,
Sting, Road Warriors, Ricky Steamboat, Michael Hayes, Mike Rotunda, Rick
Steiner and Garvin.
You can choose between: singles 1 player, tag 1 player, singles 2
player, tag 2 player.  Before wrestling you must indicate 4 moves, that your wrestler performs
during the match.
There are submission moves in it and each wrestler has his finisher
(e.g. Sting has his 'Scorpion deathlock').  Outside the ring foreign objects can be used
(e.g. a wrench).  So you can win (or loose) by pinfall, submission or
Before you can do some move you must kick or punch your opponent until
he's tired, then you can headlock him and do a move (e.g. Double Arm
suplex) or throw him into the ropes.
I think this game was pretty good at that time, altough it's very
difficult.  When you play 'singles 1 player', there's a mystery wrestler
at the end, I don't know who I didn't come that far.

 - WCW Nitro (N64): this one's a 3D wrestling game with a lot of WCW
Wrestlers like Ultimo Dragon, DDP, Hogan, Flair,... .  It's in the style
of the Firepro series, this means: realistic wrestling moves for each

 - WCW Vs World (PSX): same as nitro but also WWF, New Japan and Mexican
wrestlers (altough under fake names).

 - WCW Vs nWo (N64): see vs. World, but this time it's just the WCW Vs. the

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