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This guy seems to be a fan of the legendary Jim "Brute" Bernard, or am I going a little bit too far...?
Thanx, Brute Bernard from Holland, for this marvelous effort. I really appreciate it and so do all Wrestling-game fans over the world. Thanx again!!

Mega Review of Wrestling games (by Brute Bernard)

Welcome to this mega-review of wrestling videogames.
As you have all seen already Wrestler has dedicated a chapter to wrestling videogames, but still asked for some more information, so I decided to give him some more information.
I am only gonna review wrestling videogames and not games with characters being able to do some wrestling moves.
This is a wrestling homepage so it will be about wrestling, so without further ado here we go.



Computer: Super Nintendo

Pro Fire Wrestling is the the first game in a series of 7 games.
More games will probably follow.
All 7 parts have been released on the Super NES as far as I know and they are only available in Japan as far as I know.

When I played this game for the first time I was impressed by the moves that the wrestling characters had.
There were already wrestling games produced at that time like WWF Wrestle Mania and WWF Royal Rumble but none of them could hold a candle to Pro Fire Wrestling.
The reason was the fact that for example in WWF Wrestle Mania every wrestler had the same moves so it was pretty boring.
WWF Royal Rumble was an improvement but still every wrestler in the game had the same moves except for the finishing moves.

Pro Fire Wrestling 1 is different. Every wrestler has his own moves.
Since the game is in Japanese and I don't speak any Japanese I can only give you an impression of who is in the game.

Pro Fire Wrestling 1 consists of 21 wrestlers. The wrestlers I can recognize (keep in mind that I don't like to watch Japanese wrestling, but that I have seen it a few times) are the following:

Stan "the Man" Hansen, Hawk, Animal, the Great Muta, the Ultimate Warrior, Tiger Jeet Singh, Bad News Brown/Allen, Jushin Liger, Giant Baba, Hogan and Big van Vader.
As for the rest, they are Japanese wrestlers, whom I don't recognize.

All the wrestlers I mentioned are very well recognizable and have their own special moves.
Jushin Liger has his Frankensteiner for example. The same counts for all the other wrestlers.
When you add all the moves those 21 wrestlers have together you have a collection of almost very m ove there is in professional wrestling.

Here are some controls. Keep in mind that the controls are Super Nintendo controls.

The game is really cool.
Wrestlers can bleed, so can the referee. You can brawl outside of the ring.
Some wrestlers use foreign objects. You can double team in tag-team mode.
As I said before,there are a lot of moves you can do. Creators of wrestling game should take the Pro Fire Wrestling series as an example of how a wrestling videogame should be made.


Computer: Super Nintendo

This is the second game of the series, also only released on the Super Nintendo in Japan.
The controls are totally the same as in part 1, but there are a few more wrestlers, 25 to be exact.
The wrestlers I recognized are:

Shinya Hashimoto, Jushin Liger, the Great Muta, Tony Halme, Stan "the Man" Hansen, Hulk Hogan, Bam Bam Bigelow, Big van Vader and Abdullah the Butcher (!).

Abdullah the Butcher is really cool. This guy can really make a bloody mess out of opponents.
The rest are Japanese wrestlers.

This game also has the same modes as part 1 and plays the same and has the same action.
Shortly said, , it's another cool wrestling games approaching reality as much as possible.


Computer: Super Nintendo

This part was a huge improvement on the other 2 predecessors, because more buttons can be used now.
The game contains 56 (!) wrestlers. Like in part 1 and 2 every wrestler has his own moves. The wrestlers I recognize are the following:

Masa Saito, Stan "the Man" Hansen, Shinya Hashimoto, Jushin Liger, Scott Norton, "Pegasus Kid" Chris Benoit, El Samurai, Terry Gordy, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, Tony Halme, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Hawk, Animal, Power (Warrior)/Kensuke Sasaki, Sting, Bad News Brown/Allen, the Great Muta, Bam Bam Bigelow, Big van Vader, Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner.
The rest is Americans and Japanese I don't recognize.

But this game is even more unique! It's the only game ever to contain Bruiser Brody!
A lot of people say he is great, but I can't judge that, because unfortunately I have never seen him wrestle.
Fact is that he is in the game and that the Japanese haven't forgotten.
Hats off to the programmers of the game. That's called honoring somebody, something WCW knows nothing about, when you look at the so-called son of the great Andre the Giant.
I am not here to express my opinion about wrestling but this son of Andre crap disgusts me.
The playing is the same as in the other 2 predecessors. Wrestlers and referees can bleed. Wrestlers can brawl outside of the ring etc etc.

The new things in the game are more controls and the high risk maneuvres!
When you have thrown a wrestler out of the ring you can jump over the top rope onto your opponent. It's so cool !

Controls are the following:


Computer: Super Nintendo

This part is the best game of the whole series in my eyes! It's, as far as I know, the first game ever featuring only women wrestlers ! And not just a few, but 25.
The only women's wrestling I have ever seen was at the Survivor Series of 1987 and Wrestle Mania 1 and 2, but the moves used in those wrestling matches are nothing compared to the moves that are in this game.
When I played that game I saw moves I had never seen before ! So I went on looking for some videotapes of All Japan Women's wrestling.
Fact is I couldn't find them. Sure there were people offering them, but I am not willing to pay too much money for wrestling. Forget it.
WWF and WCW both showcased some All Japan Women wrestlers, but I have to admit that WCW did a better job.
These women could teach a lot of WWF and WCW wrestlers some moves.

Anyhow, those babes (at least 3 were babes) in the game really can do some moves.
There is a masked woman with a blue mask called Kaoru .... She looks like a female Liger to me, but does she have moves in the game! I wish I could see her in real-life action some day!
And what about Mayumi Ozaki ? She's really something else!
Anyhow, the women I recognize (still nearly all the names are written in Japanese) are :

Bull Nakano (great Guillotine legdrop in the game), masked Kaoru ....(great Moonsault in the game), Aja Kong, Kyoko Inoue, Chapparita Asari (great Sky Twister press in the game) and Mayumi Ozaki.

The playing has changed. In the first 3 games of the series you had to wait for the 2 wrestlers starting bending their knees and then push the button of choice as fast as possible.
In Pro Fire wrestling 4 you have to push the button of your choice as soon as the women grab each other.
That playing is easier learnt this way in my opinion.

The options are tournament mode (single or tag team), single, tag team and "pin anybody you can" (see Pro Fire Wrestling 3) for 4 wrestlers.
The buttons are the same as in Pro Fire Wrestling 3.

This game has almost everything you see on tv,just like the other 3 parts of the series.
The women really execute some fascinating moves, can do high risk maneuvres, brawl outside of the ring.
The thing they can't do is bleed. And that's better: Bleeding is for men.


Computer: Super Nintendo

This is a monster game. It contains 82 wrestlers.
The wrestlers I recognized are:

Riki Choshu, Shinya Hashimoto, Hawk, Power, Scott Norton, Hercules, Jushin Liger, Black Cat, El Samurai, Stan "the Man" Hansen, Ted Dibiase, Terry Gordy, Dr Death Steve Williams, Arn Anderson(!), Sabu (!!), Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Earthquake, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ravishing Rick Rude(!), Sting, the Great Muta, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, the Undertaker and Tony Halme. The rest is Japanese wrestlers or American wrestlers.

Well, what can I say about this game ? It plays the same as Pro Fire Wrestling 4. Controls are the same as in Pro Fire Wrestling 4.
What I like about this game is the addition of Sabu and Ravishing Rick Rude. I guess they are pretty popular in Japan otherwise they wouldn't be included.


Computer: Super Nintendo

Well, this wrestling game is the second wrestling game ever featuring only All Japan Women wrestlers.

Not much is added in this game. Now you can choose between 38 women wrestlers and the only improvements I have seen in this game are grabbing wrestlers from the top rope when they try to do a top rope maneuver and an Irish whip in the corner immediately followed up by a move.
The moves of some of the women wrestlers have been softened up.
Mayumi Ozaki's devestating DDT for example has been transformed into a soft one.
The women I recognize are:

Chapparita Asari, masked Kaoru ...., Aja Kong, Alundra Blayze, Tomo ... (Tomo was written in English but I never have seen her in action), Bull Nakano, Mayumi Ozaki, a kind of female Doink and very cute Cutie Suzuki.

The game plays the same as Pro Fire Wrestling 4 and 5. The controls are the same and the action is a little bit improved.


Computer: Super Nintendo

This game is the last one of the Pro Fire Wrestling series, but I am convinced the programmers will come up with more sequels, when they improve some more things.
This game features 84 wrestlers and are some of them weird ! I have never seen them before.

This game has been improved but if you ask me it cost some playing quality.
The graphics of the wrestlers are larger and that's good ! But the bad thing is that they tried to make the game more realistic.
When you get a beating in this game you get tired. Well, that happens. But when you are tired and somebody attacks you you can counter a move but after that you still stay tired.
To evade this you could go outside of the ring, but since you are tired you also move slow.
That's a bit crappy in my eyes, but it may appeal to other people.
The wrestlers I recognize are:

Jushin Liger, Chris Benoit, Black Cat, El Samurai, Terry Gordy, Dr Death Steve Williams, Doug Furnas, Tiger Jeet Singh, the Great Kabuki, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Big van Vader, the Great Muta, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner and a person called Hayate (Hayate was written in English unlike the rest).

The controls are the same as in Part 4 through 6. The modes are the same as part 3 through 6.
All in all I can say that if you have one of the 7 games you are a lucky person. Those 7 games are the best wrestling games ever created, because you can let the wrestlers execute the same moves they do on tv.
And because it is very true to the nature of professional wrestling with all its facets.
And you can name almost any wrestling move there is. If one of the Pro Fire Games doesn't have it the only reason for not having it would be the fact, that the move was originated after the release of the last version.


Computer: COMMODORE 64

Before there was a Sega or a Nintendo there was a Commodore 64, the best computer ever made. In 1985 a wrestling game called Rock 'n Wrestle was created. It was the first wrestling game ever created on any computer.
The game would prove to be the best wrestling game in my eyes, until the arrival of the Pro Fire Wrestling series.
Who would have thought that ?

There are 9 wrestlers in the game. According to the reviews at the time the game was released all wrestlers were from the past.
The player himself plays Gorgeous George.
People say he was a jobber, but I can't judge that because I have never seen that guy wrestle.
Every wrestler has the same moves. All moves are classical wrestling moves.
The moves in the game are:

Irish whip, High Crossed Body, a devestating clothesline, dropkick, atomic drop, press slam, top rope splash, elbow drop, kick in the nuts, chop, headbutt, belly-to-back suplex, suplex, kick in the ribs and an airplane spin.
All of the moves are executed cool.

The controls are the best controls ever created for a wrestling game.< I won't explain the controls because I doubt there are people around who still play games on the Commodore 64. I guess I am one of the few. There is a 2 player mode and a 1 player tournament mode. This game is really a classic and I am really nostalgic about it.


Computer: Commodore 64

When they promoted this wrestling game the slogan was "Forget you ever heard of Rock 'n Wrestle. This is the real thing".
Well, guess what ? It was NOT better than Rock 'n Wrestle. The only things that were better were the graphics, but the playability sucked.
There were no clotheslines for example. There were a few wrestling moves, though but not as many as in Rock 'n Wrestle.
The characters you could choose were imaginary wrestlers, not wrestling personalities from tv.
They tried to make Championship Wrestling a better game but they failed miserabely.
But it is a wrestling game nonetheless, even if there are imaginary wrestlers.


computer: Commodore 64

As far as I know this was the first tag team wrestling game ever on a homecomputer.
The game did already exist in the arcades so some company converted it to the commodore 64. I have to say that the graphics weren't impressive but the playability was good and certainly better than the playability of Championship Wrestling.

The only option you had in the game was a tag team tournament. There were some leagues in which you had to become champ to progress and ultimately your tag team would end up in the super league.
And the more matches you won the bigger your champion's trophy got.

There were only 2 tag teams. A face tag team and a heel tag team.
Both teams had a few of their own moves but not too many. But it was cool to play coz you could also dropkick your opponent out of the ring and bash his skull in with a championsip belt.
You could say that this was the first game in which you could use a foreign object.


Computer: Commodore 64

Vince McMahon decided that the WWF also needed a game so Vince hired some company to produce a wrestling game featuring WWF wrestlers.
It could very well be that Microleague Wrestling is the first WWF game ever on any computer and I doubt that there was an earlier WWF game.
Fact is that this game was totally different from all the other existing games.

The wrestlers that appear in the game, depending on the version you had, are Hulk Hogan, Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff, Macho Man Randy Savage, Honky Tonk Man, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the King Harley Race.

The playing of the game is as follows:

Every wrestler has a list of moves. When you play against an opponent you have to choose one of the moves on your wrestler's move-list.
Then the computer decides who gets the move and loads a move that consists out of a few pictures which are shown shortly after each other. And that's all.
When you have beaten up your opponent enough you can choose to pin him, but you can only pin him after you choose the finishing move of your wrestler.

You can play against the computer or against an other humanoid.
What is also funny is the fact that there are some comments from McMahon, Jesse "the Body" Ventura, Gorilla Monsoon en Bobby Heenan.

There are 2 different versions. There is a version with McMahon and Jesse "the Body" Ventura.
The other version has Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon.
You see their faces and then you see some comments.
Especially Bobby Heenan can be funny sometimes, but there isn't really much commentary, because there wasn't much memory left because of all the graphics.
This game is really something different.


Computer: Commodore 64

Sergeant Slaughter's mat wars is a wrestling game that was released on the commodore 64 around 1991: The year that Slaughter was really kicking some ass.
Anyhow, this game features Sergeant Slaughter as an announcer and nothing more.
The wrestlers are fictional wrestlers and have a few moves.

The only option is a 1 player tournament mode. Just go out there and kick wrestlers's butt.
The graphics are pretty good, but the playing is a bit difficult. But it's a wrestling game nonetheless.


Computer: Commodore 64

To tell you the truth this game isn't even worth to be mentioned, but as far as I know this was the first wrestling game featuring cage matches.
The graphics are good but the wrestling quality is poor.
And the wrestlers aren't wrestlers, they are aliens.


Computer: Commodore 64

This game is funny. There aren't many wrestling moves but it can be fun to play.
The wrestlers in the game are fictional. There is one Ninja kind of character who is really funny. When you choose him he says " I cut you to pieces".
The same counts for a wrestler called Ironhead. He is funny too. When you choose him he says with a voice like he is on steroids or something " I am Ironhead".
You can play in single mode or tag team mode.


Computer: Super Nintendo

This is another wrestling game released in Japan.
After the Pro Fire wrestling series this series is the best wrestling game series.
It features wrestlers from New Japan.

There are 16 wrestlers in the game.
I would never have found out who all the wrestlers were if it weren't for the game showing normal names when kicking butt in the ring. To make it clear.
When you choose a wrestler you only see his picture and some Japanese letters.
But when playing you see normal letters.

The wrestlers are:

the Patriot, the Eagle, Doug Furnas, Dan Kroffat, Johnny Ace, Dangerous Danny Spivey, Dr Death Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, Stan "the Man" Hansen, Giant Baba, Akira Taue, Kenta Kobashi, Jumbo Tsuruta, Misuhara Misawa and Toshiaki Kawada.

The wrestlers all have their trademark moves.
I especially liked Stan Hansen's Lariat clothesline. (Note: Now you know why he's called Stan "The Lariat" Hansen, sometimes)
It's devastating, but also Doug Furnas's Frankensteiner is great.
You can also brawl outside of the ring . In the tag team mode you can also do some doubleteaming.
In the tag team mode you can also save your partner when he is about to be pinned.
All in all it's, just like the Pro Fire Wrestling series, very realistic.

There is a single match mode, tag team mode, single tournament mode, tag team tournament mode and a "pin anybody you can" mode for 4 wrestlers.

This same game was also released in the United States, but they changed some features of the wrestlers but didn't use the real names.
Probably some copyright bull.


Computer: Super Nes

This is the sequel to All Japan Wrestling 1. It's virtually the same game, but now you can choose between 19 wrestlers. 15
wrestlers from All Japan Wrestling 1 return and the 4 new ones are some wrestlers called x Deaton (never heard of but then again, I don't like watching Japanese wrestling and All Japan is not broadcasted here), x Akiyama, Takao Ohmori and Masanobu Fuchi.

Note of The Deatons could be "Outlaw" Joe(l) Deaton and his brother? Maybe anybody can help out?

The playing is the same and the controls are the same. The only extra thing in the game is the fact that in the tag team tournament mode the rev shoves back the wrestler who is not legally in the ring.


Computer: Super Nintendo

This is the first WWF game on the Super Nintendo. It was a pretty bad one, but it was a beginning.
What irritated me a lot is that every wrestler in the game has the same moves and they haven't got their finishing move. It's also the only wrestling game on the Super Nintendo featuring Jake "the Snake" Roberts.
But a Jake "the Snake" Roberts without a DDT is just like a wrestling world without Shawn Michaels.
Very incomplete. Thank god Michaels is still active and thank god that Jake "the Snake" Roberts has returned to wrestle part-time.
This guy is the meanest and best heel ever. I hope he will be a heel again very soon. But I am drifting away here.

There are 8 wrestlers in the game:

Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Undertaker, Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Earthquake, Typhoon, Hawk, Animal, Ted Dibiase and Sid Justice.

There is a single match mode, single tag team match mode and a Survivor Series mode.

The playing isn't very good, especially compared to any of the Pro Fire Wrestling games, which are the standard for wrestling games.


Computer: Super Nintendo

This game is the sequel to WWF Wrestlemania.
The improvement in the game is for example the fact that every wrestler has his finishing move, but I hardly call that an improvement.
Except from their finishing moves every wrestler uses the same moves and that is dull.
An other improvement is the fact that there is a Royal Rumble mode. The name Royal Rumble says it all. You can play a Royal Rumble. There are 12 wrestlers.

The wrestlers in the game are:

Macho Man, Mr Perfect, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Tatanka, Shawn Michaels, Crush, Ted Dibiase, Narcissist Lex Luger, Ric Flair, Yokozuna and Razor Ramon.

The graphics of the game are very good. You can really recognize the wrestlers.
Razor Ramon's Razor's edge looks really cool.
The playing is cool in the beginning but after a while it's boring because every wrestler has the same moves.
Royal Rumble has,next to the Royal Rumble option, the same options as WWF Wrestlemania except for a Survivor Series mode.


Computer: Super Nintendo

This is the 3 part of the WWF videogame series. There are some improvements, but the gameplay is somewhat lousy compared to WWF Royal Rumble.
And there are also some special moves for which you have to use Mortal Kombat- like joystick movements and that sucks.
The wrestlers in the game are:

"Big Daddy Cool" Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Luna, Doink, 1-2-3 Kid, Razor Ramon, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Lex Luger, Bam Bam Bigelow and The Undertaker.

This game has all the modes of part 1 and part 2 combined, so there is a Royal Rumble mode and a Survivor Series mode next to the other modes.

One thing about the game I really like and that's tossing someone into the corner and climbing on top of him and giving him 10 punches.
Now if they could also make that move in the next Pro Fire Wrestling game the Pro Fire Series would be unbeatable.

See also: Scott Remen's page


, the Mortal Kombat like "wrestling" game..
I don't really want to talk about this game. This game is a blasphemy to wrestling.
Doink with a big foot and Undertaker with a tombstome is just lame. And there are hardly wrestling moves in it.
What I hate most about it that it's just a Mortal Kombat clone featuring wrestlers.
It has hardly anything to do with wrestling. The game sucks. Period.

Other games

Well, those were the most important wrestling videogames.
There are a lot more wrestling games, but I don't want to tell much about them because they are not worth it, although I think they are better than the WWF WRESTLEMANIA Mortal Kombat look-a-like.

The wrestling game MUSCLE BOMBER ,a.k.a. Saturday Night Slam Masters (for Super Nintendo) is a very lousy attempt at creating a wrestling game.
The same counts for it's sequel Muscle Bomber 2. Capcom is very good at creating beat 'm up games, but they really can't create wrestling games. The MUSCLE BOMBER games feature fictional wrestlers.

Other wrestling games that aren't great are:

Name					Computer on which it was released.

WWF SUPERSTARS	          		Commodore 64, Amiga
WWF EUROPEAN RAMPAGE	        	Commodore 64, Amiga
BODYSLAM				Commodore 64
WRESTLING STARS			        Commodore 64
There could be more wrestling games but right now I don't remember any more.
There is also a game WCW Superbrawl, that was released on Super Nes but I don't have much information on it.
Fact is you can play with stars like Ravishing Rick Rude,Big van Vader, Ric Flair, Sting and some more WCW stars.

On the Sega 32-bit a WWF game called Rage of the Cage exists.

On Sega 8-bit there is a game called