The Slam Jam Pro-Wrestling Assembly

This is a bulletin board. Many of you thought this and a chat box were the only things missing on the site.
Well here you are: it's FREE, so use it wise, whenever you like!

This Bulletin Board may be used as a way to communicate with other Wrestling Fans! You can invite to your page, or offer something.

There are a few rules (and they are simply there to keep this service going for more than a few days, and believe me, I really mean it!!):
First of all - this Bulletin Board is FREE for all who use it for positive messages.

Secondly - (Child-)Pornography, threatening or harassing language and Racism are not allowed! Anything that in a reasonable way can be offense to someone will be erased instantly when we see it and nagging won't help you! There's also a big chance, that you'll be traced and get into trouble with the law by doing this... So don't.

Thirdly - Whatever you put here will be subjected to the censoring of Tripod and the team of the Slam Jam Homepage. Both Tripod and the team of the Slam Jam Homepage, however, aren't in any way responsible for any messages posted by a third party.

Allright, enough formalities... Just enjoy the service!!!

Here we go!

This Bulletin Board is not an e-mail box.
So if you like you can still send me e-mail at