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                                    Revisions by BTFight
                                   Contributions by Python




     Blazing Tornado: The Neo-Heroic Wrestlers 
     Champion Wrestler 


     Cage Rage 
     The Main Event 
     Mania Challenge 
     Mat Mania 
     Saturday Night Slam Masters 
     Tag Team Wrestling 
     WWF Superstars 
     WWF WrestleFest 
     WWF WrestleMania Arcade 
     (An Arcade game that featured Japanese Women Pro-Wrestlers) 


                   32-Bit Home Console Systems

Sony PlayStation (Japan)

     Champion Wrestler 
     Fire ProWrestling IRON SLAM '96 
     New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden 
     New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden 2 
     Virtual Pro-Wrestling 


Sony PlayStation (U.S.)

     Power Move Pro Wrestling 
     WCW -Vs- The World 
     WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game 
     WWF In Your House 


Sega Saturn (Japan)

     Fire Pro Gaiden Blazing Tornado 
     Fire Prowrestling S 6MEN SCRAMBLE 


Sega Saturn (U.S.)

     WWF In Your House 
     WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game 


Sega 32X (U.S.)

     WWF Raw 
     WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game 


Neo-Geo (US)

     3 Count Bout 


                   16-Bit Home Console Systems

Super Famicom (SFC - Japan)

     All Japan Pro-Wrestling 
     All Japan Pro Wrestling 2: March 4th Budokan 
     All Japan Pro-Wrestling Dash: Real World Tag 
     All Japan Pro-Wrestling: Fight Dapon 
     Astral Bout 
     Astral Bout 2 
     Dirty Challenger 
     Gen'ichiro Tenryu Puroresu Revolution 
     Jikkyo Power ProWrestling '96 Max Voltage 
     JWP Women's Puroresu Pure Wrestle Queens 
     Masakatsu Funaki Hybrid Wrestler 
     New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Battlefield in Zequeden 
     New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Fantastic Story in Zequeden 
     Rings - Astral Bout 3 
     Sai-sho ~Nobuhiko Takada~ 
     Stardust Suplex 
     Super Fire Pro-Wrestling 
     Super Fire Prowrestling 2 
     Super Fire Prowrestling 3 Final Bout 
     Super Fire Prowrestling 3 Easy Type 
     Fire Pro Women All-Star Dream Slam 
     Super Fire Prowrestling Special 
     Super Fire Prowrestling Queen's Special 
     Super Fire Prowrestling X 
     Super Fire Prowrestling X Premium 


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES - U.S.)

     Hammerlock Wrestling (Gen'ichiro Tenryu Puroresu Revolution) 
     Natsume Championship Wrestling (All Japan Pro-Wrestling) 
     Saturday Night Slam Masters 
     Super WWF WrestleMania 
     WCW Superbrawl 
     WWF Raw 
     WWF Royal Rumble 
     WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game 


Sega Mega Drive (Japan)

     Fire Pro-Wrestling King 
     Ringside Angels 


Sega Genesis (U.S.)

     Beast Wrestler 
     Saturday Night Slam Masters 
     WWF Raw 
     WWF Royal Rumble 
     WWF Super WrestleMania 
     WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game 


Sega CD (U.S.)

     WWF Rage in the Cage 



PC Engine (Japanese TurboGrafx-16) 


     Fire Pro-Wrestling: Combination Tag 
     Fire Pro-Wrestling: 2nd Bout 
     Fire Pro-Wrestling 3: Legend Bout 

Arcade Card CD 

     Fire Prowrestling: Wrestling Queendom 
     New Japan Pro-Wrestling: '94 Battlefield in Zequeden 




     Battle Royal 
     Champion Wrestler 



Nintendo Game Boy (Japan)

     All Japan Pro-Wrestling Jet 


Nintendo Game Boy (U.S.)

     HAL Wrestling 
     WCW Main Event 
     WWF King of the Ring 
     WWF Raw 
     WWF Superstars 
     WWF Superstars 2 


Sega Game Gear (U.S.)

     WWF Raw 
     WWF Steel Cage Challenge 


                     8-Bit Home Console Systems

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 

     M.U.S.C.L.E. Wrestling 
     Pro Wrestling 
     Tag Team Wrestling 
     Tecmo World Wrestling 
     WCW Wrestling 
     WWF King Of The Ring 
     WWF Steel Cage Challenge 
     WWF WrestleMania 
     WWF WrestleMania Challenge 


Sega Master System

     Pro Wrestling 


Atari 2600

     Title Match Pro Wrestling 


Atari 7800

     Mania Challenge 

                             Personal Computer



     Bodyslam (MS-DOS) 
     Gutwrench (MS-DOS) 
     Piledriver (MS-DOS) 
     Pro Wrestling Promoter (MS-DOS) 
     Rampage (MS-DOS) 
     TNM (MS-DOS) 
     Wrestling League Simulator (MS-DOS) 
     WWF In Your House (MS-DOS/MS-Windows 95) 
     WWF Microleague (MS-DOS) 
     WWF PC (MS-DOS) 
     WWF Wrestlemania Arcade (MS-DOS) 


     WWF European Challenge 


Apple II

     Bob 'n Wrestle 
     Championship Wrestling 2 
     Epyx Championship Wrestling 






     International Championship Wrestling (U.K.) 
     Top Wrestler (Europe) 
     WWF European Rampage (U.K.) 
     WWF Wrestlemania (U.K.) 
     WWF Wrestlemania Arcade 


Commodore 64 (C64)

     Bop N' Wrestle 
     Bop N' Wrestle II 
     Epyx Championship Wrestling 
     MicroLeague WWF Wrestling 
     MicroLeague WWF Wrestling Expansion Set 1 
     MicroLeague WWF Wrestling Expansion Set 2 
     Sgt.Slaughter's Mat Wars 
     Tag-Team Wrestling 
     WWF WrestleMania 

                                     Game Stats: 


                                      131 Total Games

                                          44 Games 
                                          82 Games 
                                          5 Games 

                                          40 Games 
                                          4 Games 
                                          5 Games 
                                          5 Games 
                                 Fire Pro 
                                          17 Games 

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