Wrestling Simulation Games and Stuff

Wrestling Simulation Games and Stuff

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I found some (merely text-based) games on the Net, that deal with Professional Wrestling.
These games are fun to play and you've probably seen or played them. In case you don't, just download a copy.
I added these copies here, because sometimes it's hard to get access to the sites where you can copy them also.
Furthermore sites tend to disappear or change rapidly.
We will, when possible, always LINK to the CURRENT HOMEPAGE of the MAKER(S), but we need your/their help! So if you don't see a link to your page, please contact us!! We could have forgotten to make one, so don't be angry or sad!!

My best regards go out to the makers, and you better read the .doc-files to know how they work.

Some of these games are in the so-called "Beta-stadium", which means they are kinda work-in-progress.
The maker of the game, who is a real nice guy/gal, because he already gives YOU the opportunity to play it NOW (and even more: YOU DON'T PAY NOTHING, REMEMBER?) kindly requests that you report any bugs/lock-ups you find to him/her! That will make the next version even better...

What you won't find here: reviews and news on the sims.
Why bother if there's someone who does that a lot better than I do? Look below and follow the link to these guys' great pages!

Yes, you guessed it: something's wrong with the page, you can't download a couple of files. This is due to a few idiots at Geocities/Yahoo, that closed our homepage there, because a few older files were also directly accessible for Tripod.
This means we are not (yet) able to get all the files back up. The files that are down are marked with a yellow star (because we think yellow is the color of Yahoo).
As soon as we can all we be restored, and in the meantime, please tell all your local idiots to get a job at Yahoo/Geocities, where they absolutely will find people just as stupid as they are!

DOS and WINDOWS 3.1/3.11


Windows '95 games

As a matter of fact I don't run Windows '95 right now, so I'm not gonna say much about these games right now.
Maybe later on... (Well, who cares anyway? Just see for yourselves if you like 'em or not!)

Wrestling downloads

Other Wrestling Files (PC): Trivia, Names, Themes, Levels

BBS Games: I don't know if this works, but you try it!

Insecure part: I don't have such a computer



Commodore 64 Games: for the fans!

Again, I don't know if they work or something, you find it out!

Big Commercial Demos

Yeah right, sometimes only one character like Wolf Hackfield is a wrestler, but they are fun!

Looking for more games or other topics?