Hi, thanx for making the program! Fun thing...
These pcx's are no more than fooling around with your program's graphics ; if I got something ready then I'll send it to you if you like or I'll make it downloadable from here...

BTW, I have two ideas for the program (I hope you don't get sick of all these people with ideas):

Maybe it's already in the program, and then, when you have time, you maybe want to tell me how to do this:

When you make boats, you could make a sea battle with this. (next screen = view of the decks of the boats and the clash with the 'pirates')
It's almost becoming a RTS-program by this, I'm sorry...)

Anyway this is just a couple of suggestions (and I hope you are not angry with me if you don't like the ideas)
I really can understand that debugging and refining "custom.exe" is already one hell of a job! Which you've done very well!

Greetings, Willem (wrestler@wrestlermail.zzn.com)




Sorry about this, Freeservers (this server) doesn't acknowledge PCX-files

Hope you like the graphics and wish you all the best!