Slam-Jam Homepage, Part 2

This is the Non-Wrestling Area of a homepage by Wrestler, a Professional Wrestling-Fan.

I hope to get some things ready, soon from now...
These will, of course, include some of the topics I like about the wacky world outside.

You are the since September 16th 1996.
Though there will be more things on this page, I'll guide you to some interesting places on the net:

Non-Wrestling Area

  • Here you go to the most interesting Wrestling Area

  • Harry's Game

  • The Nosehorns & That's Cool, Dutch musicians with skill!

  • Holland Spoor Studios: a lot of CD's by Dutch bands...Check them!


  • Debbie Gibson Web Page


  • Famous Quotes, gathered by the Gauntlet

  • Birthday

  • Chess On-Line

  • Beavis and Butthead don't, uh, suck ....


  • Info Seek

  • The GrandSlam WrestleClopedia

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