Rob Rehorst's Holland Spoor Studios

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This is a page which contains a lot of recordings, mostly on CD, made by a famous Dutch technical engineer and producer, called Rob Rehorst.
He is the man that runs the Holland Spoor Studios in The Hague, Holland.

He recorded (and still does) loads of acts and bands in the Netherlands for many years, earning more respect than anyone.
If you ask people, that recorded with him, how they feel about the man's technique and skill you'll surely get a positive answer.
That's why we decided to make this page for him, we think he deserves it.

There are a lot of CD's which are made by him and there will be more in the future.
For the moment a little list of those will do.
If you might be interested in any of these or other projects, the best thing you can do is contacting him yourself and hoping he's not busy....
When you want to do that you simply call: 070-3911704


 Artist                   Recording    (type) 
Recordlabel Number

- The Ace-Tones - Teen Trash (CD)
Music Maniac Records MMCD 8800G
- Beschuit - The Goody-bag (CD)
THT 2045
- The Bugaloos - In the mood (CD)
Rockhouse Records ROCKCD 9318
- Empire Bass Building - Come on get here (CD-single)
Who's That Beat WHOS 69 CD
- Feel the Melody (CD-single)
Who's That Beat WHOS 64 CD
- Feel the Melody (Radio Edit)
A track on "Groove Kissing ; Volume 1; A dance Sampler"
GK 009 CD
- Flyright Trio - Wild about you baby (CD)
TOMB-CD 2008
- Movement - Living in dreams (CD)
DWCD 1-07931194
- November - First of November (CD)
SI Music SIMPLY 59
- Old Cocks On The Block - Puke Power (CD)
Mull Brull Records MBR-CD 1
- Only Four - All those years
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- Psychedelic Cowboys - Bones and Dust (CD)
PC 001
- Psycho Hype - Beat of Feet (hellraiser Mix)
A track on "Groove Kissing ; Volume 1 ; A dance Sampler"
GK 009 CD
- The Ranch Girls &
The Ragtime Wranglers - Rhythm on the "ranch" (CD)
Lonhorn LHC 502
- The Riff - Oh my Goodness (CD)
Friction 9301
- September Fools - Money honey (cd)
SF 8380
- Stork Stew 1 - Stork Stew 1 (CD)
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- Stork Stew 2 - Stork Stew 2 (CD)
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- De Zwiebels - De Zwiebels (CD)
ZW 77.094

You can find the contents of these CD's by clicking on the following names:

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