Wrestling and Music

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Introductory chat

Many of us can make an easy connection between wrestling and music.
This could be the background music introducing almost every fan-favorite or bad guy/gal or even music "made" by the wrestler himself - we can even think of the "music" by The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Times, played normally on the head of an opponent by guitar, but, even more we think about songs like "Land of a Thousand Dances", WWF 1985.

Not only at the WWF wrestlers (or other people, like managers or managing artists) showed up, that got somehow a link with (rock) music, but also elsewhere. If you want to be reminded of those people or want a checkbox at which you can add the people I've forgotten, try the Rock 'n Wrestling Connection.

This is just a try and the page is under construction, but I hope to create a page in which everyone will contribute by telling which tune was used by whom and when. The fact that I'm giving it a try here does mean that I could be totally wrong or ignorant about certain tunes, SO I NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE FILL IN THE GAPS!!!

Smashing records made by Wrestling Superstars

Of course here we can name some records, made by the WWF SUPERSTARS: