Announcement E-Wrestling

Dear (E-)wrestling fans,
As you have probably seen there are very few links to E-wrestling at my site.
That does not mean that I disregard this important feature on the Net, but I chose to leave the subject the last two years, because I thought it better to specialize to "Real Life" Wrestling.
I thought there were sites that got all the necessary info for you already.

I, however, received a couple of times a message from people, who asked me to help them providing a site to post their E-wrestling Results.
Until now I kindly had to reject their requests, because of:


Due to the recent requests why their is no E-wrestling on my site, I thought to provide some space for the results of a new E-wrestling league. I hereby apologize to people that once made this request.


Some time ago I planned to work together with a friend of mine, concerning links to E-wrestling pages.
He will take on all the E-wrestling sites and will also decide in links to it.
That means that you have to contact him if you want your site exposed or something.

His name is Martijn and he is my 'virtual tag team partner'.
Mail him at: or visit him at: Yardbird's Homepage

A league of our own!!

The team of the Slam Jam Homepage still likes to bring you guys/gals our "own" e-wrestling league, but unfortunately we do not have time to run one ourselves!

That means we need YOUR participation!
We are still looking for someone, who could bring you the very best of E-Wrestling, as we try to do with real life-wrestling, and we didn't found him/her yet!
If anyone would like to participate as our partner, doing the E-Wrestling-part of the Slam Jam Homepage, he or she is welcome.