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This is a homepage by Wrestler, a Professional Wrestling-Fan.

I hope to get some things ready, soon from now...
These will, of course, include some of the topics I like about the wacky world of Professional Wrestling, but other items as well.

Disclaimer: This page is getting larger and larger as it was meant to be.
That means that some of these links could be out of date. I'm not that crazy that I'm checking them every week.
So if you find your allready erased page on the list or if you can't (after a few tries) access the link, then please let me know, thanx !! What you see here, isn't (normally) inaccessible crap. I try to remove crap, like dead links, as fast as possible. You can get your page out here, BUT YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS YOUR PAGE FADES!

Though you might think otherwise, I'm NOT affilliated with any commercial wrestling organizaton.
But this page in fact could use some sponsoring to stay "on the air".

Be kind to Animals

This is the only "political" statement you'll find on this website! BE KIND TO ANIMALS, because THEY DO DESERVE YOUR RESPECT!
Don't be a down-right LOOSER by hurting or abusing them!
You know that killing an animal is MURDER. Don't do that just because you can, if you don't want to be called DIRTY SCUM...!

Hey, I'm no saint, you're no sinner, but FUR is for FOOLS, don't you think, too?
It's NOT, I repeat, NOT COOL to skin a defenseless animal and those who do should be skinned either!
Are you going to skin little children, too, and wear their skins round your ugly fat?
Do you like your own mother, brother beaten to death, while they are suffering and slowly dying? How'd you like it to be stabbed yourself, just because you're wearing (expensive) clothes?

If you have any GUTS, think about this and DO SOMETHING about animal-killing and torturing for nothing! I hope YOU agree with me, because a True Wrestling Fan DOESN'T hurt a defenseless creature!!!

And, BTW, CORRIDAS are NOT cool,
but just for MORONS, who need a free piercing, provided by a bull!

Piledrive these idiotic animal-torturers with me!!

Wrestling Links....finally...

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As you there's a lot of wrestling on the Internet and some of it is on this site, so I'll guide you to some interesting places on the net:

    The Wrestling Area

    ***The Big TWO***

  1. Professional Wrestling Museum: once The Professional Wrestling Server, by Mark Long

  2. (Japanese) Pro Wrestling page: a lot of Wrestling history here for all you humanoids!!!

    ***Personal Wrestling Articles, Communication & Media***

  3. Temporary TRADE Stunt: Get your FREE STOCK SHARE, while you still can

  4. Wrestling Television thanx to Pseudo Internet TV: Guess what, now we have wrestling-matches on board for you today!! TV ... Radio ... it's here!

    Well, how about it? Like that?

    Then you better check this out quickly and tell your friends!!

  5. Wrestling in Videogames

  6. Bernard's Videogame Mega-review

  7. SKY's WCW-games review

  8. Wrestling Music

  9. Wrestling in Movies

  10. Wrestling Reports: Where YOU can contribute...

  11. Our very own Bulletin Board, where you can leave a message for other fans...

  12. The Slam Jam Pro Wrestling Chat Room: where you can chat with other wrestling fans

  13. Express yourself, tell me what you like or don't about this site.

  14. Wrestling pages in other languages than English:
    • Deutsch
    • Nederlands

  15. Do you want to advertise? This is where you want to go!

    ***Personal Wrestling Stuff***

  16. Visit the Second Slam Jam Homepage: my new area where you can find more stuff, like games etc.

  17. Visit the Slam Jam Homepage at HotYellow98

  18. Mirror-site:
    Just in case something goes wrong with this site...
    So I suggest you make a bookmark of that site too!

    wrestler's e-mail addresses: of course they do change!!

    Ever played this one?

    There's a free version of it on the games page!

    Just check it out and copy away!

    Enjoy one of the hottest games today...

  19. Wrestling Simulation Games and stuff

  20. The Slam Jam Pro-Wrestling Trivia Quizz: You that (want to) know ALL of Pro-Wrestling, please take a chance on this one!

  21. Manzer's Women's Wrestling Tapes: in case this link won't get you there, please try the next URL!

  22. If Manzer's site can't be reached you can see where it's located then!

  23. Announcement E-Wrestling

  24. Get you own FREE E-Mail Adress, YOURNAME@WRESTLERMAIL.ZZN.COM, provided by the Slam Jam Homepage.
    It's waiting for you here!

  25. Wrestling Rings

    ***"Personal" Search Engines***

  26. The GrandSlam WrestleClopedia: Wrestling with a question? Check this!

  27. Or The Slam Jam Homepage Jayde Wrestling Search Engine:

    If you're a wrestling fan and you have a site (or when you see a good one, please inform them), submit it to both these engines... Together we will create our own wrestling-database for everyone.

  28. You should go there: The Non-Wrestling Area

    ***Pro-Wrestling Books and Biographies***

    ***Articles and magazines***

  29. Brett Ramsey: A more scientific article about Pro Wrestling, enjoy it!

  30. Classic Ladies Wrestling: Great site about the history of Women's Professional Wrestling - a MUST VISIT!!

  31. Oliver Postlethwaite: If you're looking for Wrestling Resources and News, you definitely need to go there. Check it!

  32. The Inside Wrestling Report: Simply the best!

  33. Inside the Squared Circle

  34. Slam! Wrestling

  35. Wrestling Adresses in Europe

    ***Extra Attention! Sites***
  36. Spike Toons: Check out Holland's premier Pro-Wrestling Cartoonist and understand why all these wrestling greats want to have their cartoon drawn!

  37. Flockgirl: Absolutely great! Has a Chyna Biography and loads of cool stuff, like the 'Spiketoons'... Must visit!

  38. Sorry... but it's time for a little Dutch chauvinism! Jump directly to FCW: the Dutch #1 Wrestling Promotion...

  39. Wrestling in Nederland (Wrestling in the Netherlands): Page about Dutch Pro-Wrestling Leagues ; Unfortunately you need to be able to understand the Dutch language to be able to read all.
    Great opportunity! C'mon, please say you always wanted to learn that!

  40. The Other Arena: Absolutely one of the best: links/pics/covering stories... please visit the "toy story" and you'll be in for a laugh...

  41. Wrestling Links/The Wrestling Museum: ... and YOU thought I had a lot of links ... well then, please check this one out!

  42. Kati Mucci's page on Women's Wrestling: Great one!

  43. Former ladies wrestling-star Ms. Penny Banner needs YOUR help ; please read this!

  44. Inside WCW Wrestling: Great page!!

  45. Hitmanzhood: If we ever need to vote for the most crazy or funny website in Pro-Wrestling, my vote goes out to this one.
    Just go there and see for yourselves!

  46. The Other Arena: I'm impressed ... ("...and I don't impress easy, MacMahon...")

  47. RIchy Boy's Pages: Excellent stuff you don't wanna miss...

  48. Station House: If you like Independents, you'll LOVE this site!!

  49. Yahoo's Wrestling site

    ***Individual's sites***


  51. Rageina's Official Pro-Wrestling Domain

  52. SinD ** The Premier Lady of the MWA: Site devoted to SinD and the MWA & NWF Wrestling Associations

  53. The Wrestling Blaze Homepage

  54. Gpac's The Wrestling Lockerroom: with a lot of stuff you'll like!

  55. Hardcore Wrestling

  56. Cool J's Wrestling Connection: This site is the one for those looking for house-reports

  57. AirCasey's Homepage: You want to see that one, believe me!

  58. Station House

  59. The Boston Mutants' Home Page

  60. Wrestling Newsgroups

  61. The Robert Poole Wrestling Page

  62. Beef's Raw Wrestling Zone

  63. Nature Girl's Award winning Wrestling site

  64. Nice link

  65. Maniac's page


  66. Wrestling Relations: Copy from Professional Wrestling Server?

  67. Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling FAQ 1

  68. Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling FAQ 2


  69. Bay State Women's Wrestling Wrestle Page: Don't miss this one, it's maybe one of the best you'll see!

  70. PGWA Page

    ***WWF PAGES***

  71. WWF's Official Homepage

  72. Dre319's WWF Page: you bet you want to visit him!

  73. Antony James Wrestling Page

  74. Weasle's WWF Ring

  75. Summerslam

  76. Chris Duggan's WWF Canadian Connection

  77. The WWF Graveyard

  78. Shane's WWF report: with some pictures and interviews at the links page

  79. John Fraser's page

  80. Eric's Wrestling sounds homepage

    ***ECW PAGES***

  81. ECW by 2 Tom: take a look at this Extreme(Good)Website

  82. ECW Homepage

  83. Eric Tennant's ECW page

    ***ICW PAGES***

  84. International Championship Wrestling: You can find the results on this page

    ***WCW PAGES***

  85. WCW:The Official Site

  86. Upcoming events

    ***CCW PAGES***
  87. Canadian Championship Wrestling

    ***WWWA PAGES***
  88. World Wide Wrestling Alliance

    ***MEWF PAGES***

  89. New Era MEWF Page

    ***USWA Pages***
  90. USWA on the Web

    ***SSW PAGES***
  91. Southern States Wrestling

    ***FCW Pages***
  92. Freestyle Championship Wrestling: the best Wrestling promotion in Western Europe happens to be a Dutch one...Jay!...!

    ***SCW PAGES***
  93. Southern Championship Wrestling

    ***IPWA Pages***
  94. IPWA on the Net

    ***Wrestling Promotions Online***

    You can try to contact your heroes, this way...

  95. N.E.W./NorthEast Wrestling: Associated with NWA and a great page!

  96. Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling , now that MTW is no more ...

  97. International Championship Wrestling

  98. IPW, a brand new one.

  99. Universal Wrestling Association: Shows in Western Kentucky and Western Tennessee

  100. Back Yard Wrestling Federation: never heared of before, until now...!

  101. Northern Premier Wrestling

  102. Renegade Wrestling Alliance: Canadian Toronto-based promotion

    **Individual Wrestlers and Managers Homepages**

  103. The Unofficial Cactus Jack/Mankind FC

  104. The New World Order: Have some fear, cause they are here...

  105. 1,2,3 Kid

  106. Rena Mero (Sable)'s Site

  107. Brian Pillman, with a complete history of the guy's carreer, allrighty...

  108. The Ultimate Warrior

  109. The Ivan Koloff Homepage

  110. The Official Hijo Del Santo Homepage

  111. Reckless Youth

  112. Poruresu stars

    ***Wrestling Schools***

  113. UFO Wrestling

    *** In Memoriam***

    ***Commercial Sites***
  114. Sorry, no FREE commercial links.

  115. Only sites that have to offer something of real importance for wrestling fans will be allowed in here... If it ain't good, it ain't here...

  116. No link to all ****ing PPV-matches

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